Houston Institute for Culture

Help make the virtual world a better place.

The Houston Institute for Culture needs your help in bringing interesting cultural activities to the real world.

Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, an ounce of trivia or a wealth or knowledge, below are some immediate goals you can help us achieve.

Here's just a brief mention of what is needed.

The Houston Institute is a place for information and resources.

) Tell others about pages you think they may be interested in
) Submit cultural event listings to our calendar
) Edit the Calendar or other current features
) Proof read web pages and emails
) Help create pages for the Tour Texas section
) Produce and edit resources pages
) Provide information about artists, organizations and workshops
) Help plan future activities for the Institute

Cultural Crossroads is the address for interesting regional history and traditions.

) Edit a section, such as Featured Traditions or Texas Music Hall of Fame
) Write short essays about historical figures who have influenced regional culture
) Write two- or three-sentence descriptions of historical Texas musicians
) Write about important regional traditions
) Help find links to valuable organizations that promote cultural education
) Interview people with valuable cultural experience
) Help produce a short radio feature about Gulf Coast musical traditions

Terra Incognita encourages you to visit educational destinations.

) Write a description of a quality destination for travelers
) Contribute information about cultural events in other regions
) Recommend books or films of interest to travelers
) Research and write about indigenous trade routes or pioneer trails
) Help find links to web sites for parks and museums

World Music informs people about international music on KTRU and on the web.

) Write features about international musicians and their traditions
) Explain the role of unique musical instruments in other cultures
) Describe interesting aspects of life in a country you have visited
) Review international music or films

KIVA On Line is our newsletter and its success depends on your contributions.

) Submit editorials about your community
) Provide your favorite recipes and anecdotes about family traditions
) Send stories about your unique adventures and travels to great or unusual destinations
) Forward the URLs of unique and interesting web sites that our visitors may want to link to
) Review books and films that document or portray interesting cultures and traditions
) Suggest locally-owned restaurants serving food of local or international flavor

Meeting updates can be found on the Internet at:

A detailed organization overview can be found at:

Please see this Letter to Volunteers from January 2001.

Write us at: Houston Institute for Culture
Astrodome Station, Box 20182, Houston, TX 77225-0182
Contact us by email: info@houstonculture.org

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