Houston Institute for Culture


  • Cultural and Educational Experience
    Cultural experiences add an important dimension to our lives. They enrich our social life and leisure-time activities. And, they promote better understanding and appreciation between people of diverse cultures in the community and workplace. Our goal is to make people in many communities aware of diverse cultural events through the Internet and other media.

  • Provide a Cultural Resource
    Many organizations with similar missions across Texas and beyond offer entertaining and educational experiences to the public. Our goal is to make many of these organizations accessible in a central place where people can easily discover them. Through the Internet, users can draw on our knowledge of the many worthwhile resources that exist and contribute their ideas to our effort.

  • Information for Artists and Organizations
    Many state and local agencies, as well as educational departments, offer opportunities for artists and organizations to promote their activities. There are many venues and forums that support cultural arts. Our goal is to make information about them available so that artists and organizations can find avenues to continue their work.

  • Promote Quality Cultural Programming
    The work of cultural arts organizations is extremely important to the participating group members and artists, and to the communities they serve. Cultural arts instill pride and insure the continuation of cultural traditions. When the organizations' activities are presented in a public forum, the audience is a major impetus, encouraging the members' continued effort and dedication. Our goal is to promote awareness of cultural events and exhibits in the region, because it is important for the artists and performers to see full audiences at their events.


  • Performance and Exhibit Space
    Venues for traditional cultural art are valuable to the city and state. The Houston Institute promotes activities in existing performance and exhibit spaces, and plans to sustain a high level of activities for the community by sponsoring a cooperative space for increased community arts activities.

  • Meetings and Workshops
    Meeting, planning and practicing is necessary for cultural groups to continue their activities. The Houston Institute will host workshops and presentations, and make space available to other groups to promote development of ideas and activities in the city.

  • Music Resource
    Music is an important dimension of cultural activity and a valuable record of cultural history. Recorded music is helpful for researchers and enthusiasts to explore the region's development. Music of the region, as well as international traditional music, from the Houston Institute collection will be available to visitors and associated audiences.

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