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What if I requested information for volunteers, but I didn't receive a response?

We try to respond promptly, but when we are low on volunteer staff or out traveling on our week-long cultural excursions, replies can take up to ten days. If it has been more than ten days since you contacted us, please do so again, as we may have incorrect information. Our email address is
info@houstonculture.org and our phone number is 713-521-3686.
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What kinds of opportunities do you have for volunteers?

Because we are an organization made entirely of volunteers, the possibilities are endless. As a volunteer, you can help produce information for our website by contacting cultural artists and organizations, or you can write features about interesting traditions. If you like to make things happen, we need help arranging and promoting cultural events. To be successful and provide a valuable service to Houston and the world beyond, we need volunteers with all varieties of interests and all levels of experience.
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How can I receive updates about cultural activities?

To prevent wasting paper products and to save the cost of postage, we try to utilize email for our communication. If you would like to receive up-to-date information about cultural events in Houston and the surrounding area, contact us at
info@houstonculture.org to be included on our email list.
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How can I be removed from your email list?

If you would like to be removed from our email list, send an email to
info@houstonculture.org with a short note "please remove" and we will remove you from the list promptly.
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What are the goals of this organization?

Please refer to these informative pages:
Goals and Tenets.
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What services do you provide for cultural artists and musicians?

We are compiling information about festivals, events and other venues where artists may get exposure, and connecting artists with event organizers. We also list classes and workshops which are taught by cultural artists and open to the community. We feature cultural artists on the Internet, and in performances and demonstrations we sponsor. As more artists help us produce this information, we will continue to raise the standards and expectations for cultural participation in Houston.
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What services do you provide for local organizations?

Currently we provide a community calendar on KTRU, Rice University Radio and on our website. We are working to develop on-line resources that can build support and relationships in Houston's diverse cultural community. As we are able to in the near future, we plan to offer media and event services to area cultural organizations.
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How can I become a member?

There is no membership fee and our events are open to everyone. It is our goal to offer many events for free and to hold events in various locations around Houston, to make these educational activities accessible to different communities. Membership is considered participation in our activities, as a student, artist, visitor or organizer.
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How can I submit information?

Use this form to submit information about festivals, performances, exhibits, broadcasts, and more to the Calendar Editor. The information will help us provide a community calendar on the Internet, on KTRU (Rice University Radio) and for the use of area media.
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What topics are you interested in publishing?

We are interested in all aspects of culture in Houston and the surrounding regions, which have an integral relationship. Houston's history is a major focus of the organization, but as Houston is an international city with residents from around the globe, every topic should interest Houstonians. In addition to traditions like Juneteenth, we want to educate the public about pop cultural phenomenons, like the Old Spanish Trail, and inspire people to think about modern media and countercultural movements. We also want to provide fun and educational information for kids and features to encourage travelers to explore regional cultures.
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Who should I notify if I find a broken link or incorrect information?

Report broken links and inaccurate or missing information to the
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Why are some files password protected?

All of our files on the Internet are open to the public. To access a password-protected file, you must request the login name and password by sending an email to
houston@i45south.com. A file may be password protected in order for us to count the users in a situation where we are required to keep that information, or in a situation where supplimental information must be provided to the user.
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Where are you located?

Our goal is to manage a facility for the public, where people can see cultural performances and exhibits, where artists can rehearse and utilize informational resources, and where local organizations can hold meetings and classes. Other features will include a social space where nightly themes will allow visitors to experience popular and cultural entertainment of Texas, such as Blues, Tejano, and Western Swing, in a leisurely environment. Until then, please let us keep you informed through our website and our
E-culture newsletter, and support cultural events in Houston.
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What can I contribute?

The best thing to contribute is your time and energy. As you look through our website you will see the kinds of resources we are producing, and you can contribute information or conduct research. By attending our events and other cultural activities wherever you are, your support can help artists achieve their goals. If you are in the fortunate position to consider making a donation, there are opportunities for sponsorship of events and programs. We are determined to keep our expenses low and to use our resources to directly benefit the community.
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What should I do if my question is not posted here?

Send an email to
info@houstonculture.org and we will respond with an answer as quickly as possible. You may also call 713-521-3686.
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