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Featured Artist Bill Steber
Featured Artist Bill Steber

The Houston Institute for Culture is seeking writers to report on regional culture and history. Send an email to if you would like more information. We also would like to hear your ideas. See our Current Goals if you would like to volunteer your time in other helpful ways.

Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.

Presented here is a photo essay on the Vietnam Veterans' Moving Wall, a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall, which visited Houston in November, 1999. Pictured above is the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. Click on the image to begin.

Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom presents the opportunity to study history and culture in a leisurely forum. Topics will include Cabeza de Vaca's historic venture across the North American continent and John Wesley Powell's successful navigation of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

Brief Histories
Wrong Side of the Mississippi | African-American Folklorist J. Mason Brewer | Firebird
Interview with Leon "Pappy" Selph | Blues Fallin' Down Like Hail | Red Headed Stranger
Midnight Special | Slim in Hell | Will Rogers' Alarm Clock | Mardi Gras Indians

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Dia de los Muertos | Juneteenth | Kwanzaa | Polka Time | Tall Tales
Diez y Seis | Cinco de Mayo | Mardi Gras | Rural Mardi Gras | Jazz Funerals
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Musica Tejana | Comida Tejana | Christmas Bonfires | The Great Pumpkin
La Quincea˝era by Norma Elia Cant˙ (temporarily unavailable)

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Mardi Gras Indians | Willie Nelson high resolution (560k) | Willie Nelson low resolution (240k)
Professor Longhair | Sones Huastecos from Mexico
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The King's Road | At the Crossroads | Below the Rim | Camino Real | Pyramids at Tula
Old Guerrero | Copper Canyon | Images of Satevo | Water Holes Canyon
Caddoan Mounds State Historic Site | Travel Calculator

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Around H-town | Virtual Folk Art | Gulf Coast Special
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Oklahoma | Western Pioneers

La Frontera Vieja ) The King's Road | El Camino Real | Spanish Conquest
Spanish Missions of California | Mission San Juan Capistrano | Mission Satevo
Guerrero Viejo | Colonial Cities of Mexico | Castillo de San Marcos | La Florida

HIFC 2000 ) The Moving Wall | Turn of the Century | Village in Action
University Origins | Modern Music | The Hidden Mural | Texas Tragedies

Counterculture ) Child of Industry | Sherburne Interview
Tales of the Damned | Damned Interview 2 | Noise Is for Heroes
1977 | The Only Band That Matters | Scratch Perry | Drop the Bomb
Urban Animals | Outlaws | On the One

Pop Culture ) Route 66 | Murals

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Jazz Funerals | Lightnin' Hopkins | La Gloria de Tejas | Mardi Gras | Polka Time
Lake Charles' Atomic Bomb | The Singin' Breakman | College Football | Main Street
All-American Jim Thorpe | The Other "Babe" | Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!
Frenchtown | Chicken Man and Mojo Hand | Hard Travelin' | Adolph's Texas Swing
Arte Publico Press | Sones Huastecos

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Camp Dos Cabezas | Ancient California | Out in L.A. | The Gold Rush | Ancient Ancestors
The First National Park

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Texas Slavery Project | Levi Jordan Plantation | Spanish Conquest
Musica Tejana | Comida Tejana | Sones Huastecos from Mexico
Sherburne Interview

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Born on the Bayou | Six Flags Over Texas | Juneteenth | German Immigration
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Texas Bluebonnets | San Antonio Rose | Taste of Texas | At 10, 2 and 4
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