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We are improving the resource directory, which includes listings of Houston cultural and community organizations. Please complete the information described at www.houstonculture.org/listings and return it to listings@houstonculture.org. Forward this web address to any artists and organizations you are aware of. In the information you return to us, which will be posted on line for potential volunteers, event organizers, etc., try to include general information which will not become outdated quickly.

Visit http://www.houstonculture.org/listings/sample.html to see an example of our own organization listed in this format. As listings are submitted, they will be indexed on this page: www.houstonculture.org/listings

  • Kaminari Taiko of Houston
    Group performs with hand-made Japanese Taiko drums.
    Contact: Jay, (713) 443-4554. Email: taikorus@houston.rr.com
  • Ballet Folklorico Azteca
    Group performs regional folk dances of Mexico.
  • D.R.U.M.
    Group performs percussion and reggae, as well as other regional traditional sounds.
    Contact: Alafia, (713) 527-0725.
  • Kayumanggi
    The Pinoy rock compositions of Kokoy Severino.
    Contact: Koy, sepoykoy@aol.com.
  • Kristina Koutsoudas
    Member of Several Dancers Core, performs and teaches Middle Eastern dance.
    Contact: Kristina, (713) 520-7011.
  • Houston International Folkdancers
    A group dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of ethnic dance around the world.
    Contact: (713) 723-6332.
  • Ballet Folklorico Mixteco
    Folkloric group performs cultural dances of Mexico and preserves artistic traditions.
    Contact: (713) 442-2882.
  • Mariachi Alma Latina
    Performs at bodas, quinceaneras, misas and every kind of social event.
    Contact: Enrique Saldivar, (713) 943-7931.
  • ArtworkZ
    Collaborative public art programs.
    Contact: Reginald.
  • Takahamaryu Mitsujuroku Dance Academy
    Classical Japanese Dance.
    Contact: (713) 896-9797, Email: mochizuki@houston.rr.com.
  • Barandua
    Progress Latin Folk and Flamenco.
    Contact: (713) 623-6766, (713) 749-8281, Email: barandua@hotmail.com.

  • Tall Grass Fiddlers, Pawhuska, OK
    Association meets on second Sunday of each month in the Senior Citizens Center to keep traditional fiddle music alive in N.E. Oklahoma.
    Contact: (918) 287-1869.
  • Sammy (Tone-kei) White, Anadarko, OK
    Indian storyteller, Powwow Emcee and columnist for the Oklahoma Indian Times from the Kiowa Nation.
    Contact: Sammy, (405) 247-9444.
  • Huehuetl
    Family ensemble performs spiritual and percussion music of Aztec heritage.
    Contact: MECA, (713) 802-9370.
  • Bakra Bata
    An American steel drum and percussion band from Seattle, Bakra Bata tours frequently and plays often at the Houston International Festival in April.
    Contact: (206) 322-3600 or (206) 623-7483.

Submit artist and organization listings to the Editor at info@houstonculture.org.

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