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See the WorldThe Internet is rapidly making available a means of personal expression similar to the dramatic increase in camera and film consumption during the Sixties and Seventies. A home page, taking the place of inexpensive machine prints stuffed in an envelop and dropped in the mail, can keep family members up-to-date. Photographers, writers and artists can make their creations available to passersby on the electronic highway.

The internet is bringing information and entertainment to people the way radio and television has through much of the century. It is possible to interact with others on the net, or send an immediate response to the presentation. Organizations are accessible around the world. Purchases and transactions can be made on the net. Employees can work from home. Classes can be taken on line. It will be possible to significantly reduce personal contact with the outside world.

There are even more potential downfalls. The internet, like a camera, can be a tool of exploitation. Difficult questions about content and access will be faced.

We hope to feature personal home pages in this section which will inspire you to get out and do something. That is the underlying mission of cultural-crossroads.com: to promte participation for cultural activities and travel to historic and scenic places. Please feel free to suggest some sites by emailing the address or url to us. And, take a few minutes to look over the sites we recommend below.

A very insirational site: A 15 Year Old's Travel Stories
Including: pictures; tips about Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia; information on trekking, rafting and diving; history reports.

A series of great reports: Anisha's Page
Links to her reports, in English and German, about India, Nepal, women, children and development, with many photos.

A great site about Asia: A Journey Through Asia
NOTE: Being developed; be sure to check back.
A travelogue of a 4 1/2 month trip to Asia including Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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