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The Editorial page of KIVA On Line is a forum for the expressions and thoughts of the readers of the Houston Institute's internet newsletter. Opinion Letters and Editorials may be submitted by email to The Editor, or by regular mail to P.O. Box 131334, Houston, TX 77219-1334.

Cool the World


Rail for Houston's Future | April 1999
Put Mexico on the Map | May 1999
Taxes Made It Possible | June 1999
Soy, Alfalfa, Olajuwon | July 1999
A Escuela: Bilingual Education | August 1999
Houston's Mean Streets | September 1999
(Report unsafe drivers: 1-877-SAFETY-2)
Consumer Action | October 1999
Give a Dog a Chance | November 1999
Marked Improvement | December 1999
In All Fairness | January 2000
A Fair Conformity | February 2000
HIF: One For All | March 2000
Memories of Cuba | April 2000
The Big Game | May 2000
Return to Woodstock | coming soon!
Bridging the Digital Divide | coming soon!

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Due to time/personnel considerations, editorials must be submitted by email or on disk as digital text files. If you are limited to hand-written or otherwise recorded material, we will make every effort to translate the material for use on the internet.

Editorials may be submitted by email to The Editor, or by regular mail to P.O. Box 131334, Houston, TX 77219-1334.

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