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Forget what you know of roads: How they go almost everywhere, carrying thousands of cars past obscured scenery everyday; How they sometimes look straight on a map, when really they bow and bend; How they are often altered to be made bigger, faster, wider, brighter.

Imagine when there were few roads, but many paths on the earth. Paths across continents resembled maps of rivers. The contours of mountains and canyons were the routes of people.

Imagine the wanderer in the distant past who set out early in the morning to search beyond the fields and known villages, to see the shape of the earth, to learn how far birds fly, or to find the source of a great river.

The world harbors many strange and intriguing places, some of which roads still do not reach. One must sometimes climb over rocks to see the best scenery.

Exploring away from the main road can take you to a place frozen in time, to the end of the line, or to the edge of the world.

This page of the KIVA On Line Community will bring you stories of adventures and out-of-the-ordinary destinations, and things found there. You are encouraged to contribute your written experiences to be published in these pages. Send an email to find out more.

Explore the WorldJust for fun: Get a good map which shows many points of interest, such as a National Geographic Road Atlas. Look over a state or two each day. Read the names on the map and decide if some of them sound like interesting places.

Right now, I'm looking at Iowa. I haven't been there. I rarely hear about it. And, I personally only know one person from Iowa.

Here are a few of the sites marked on the map:

Little Brown Church, Pella Historical Village Museum, Matthew Edel Blacksmith Shop, First Train Robbery in the West, Effigy Mounds National Monument, Nelson Pioneer Farm and Museum, Fish Farm Mounds State Preserve, Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk, Field of Dreams, Loess Hills State Forest, Preparation Canyon State Park, Danish Windmill, Viking Lake State Park, Sac and Fox Indian Reservation (Jim Thorpe was a Sac/Fox), Mahaney Memorial Carrilon Tower, National Balloon Museum, Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad, Mamie Doud Eisenhower Birthplace, Lost Island Prairie Wetland Nature Center, Kalona Historical Village, Maharishi University of Management, Cedar Rock, Bentonsport Historic District, Mark Twain National Forest, American Gothic House, Midwest Old Threshers Heritage Museum, Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, Plum Grove, Toolesboro Indian Mounds, Malchow Mounds State Preserve, Showboat Museum, Maquoketa Caves State Park, Mines of Spain State Recreational Area, Turkey River Mounds State Preserve, Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, Norwegian-American Museum, Bily Clock Exhibit, Czech Village and Czech and Slavic Museum, Chief War Eagle Grave, Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail, Big Sioux River.

Being from Oklahoma, I have spent an impressive sum of time going, or thinking of going, to high mountains and large bodies of water. Having seen most of that, now I'm looking to go where interesting people live or where obscure history took place.

I hope I will get to go to Iowa soon to see some of these things. Send an email if you know of a few things I should do in Iowa.

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