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Volunteer Description for Camp Dos Cabezas, Arizona

Camp Dos Cabezas is currently seeking volunteers to participate in a week-long camping experience in the Chiricahua Mountains of Southeast Arizona. The camp provides children from at-risk communities the experience of a lifetime to help them achieve success in their lives. The children, who are generally 10 to 12 years of age, are nominated by their teachers.

Camp Dos Cabezas utilizes educational resources in Arizona and New Mexico, including national and state parks, Native American reservations, museums and private research foundations.

Volunteers who fit the following criteria should contact us at for more information.

-Volunteers must first be concerned with the health and safety of the children, and second with promotion of educational interests.

-Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age (Over 21 with college experience preferred).

-Volunteers must participate in all camp activities, including travel, hiking, education, discussion, photography, meal preparation and clean up, camp setup and breakdown, communication, and daily logistics and planning.

-Specific abilities are a plus, such as: first aid training or CPR certification; Spanish proficiency; experience with educational activities or games; specialized fields of study in science, art, history or communications; or, program development.

-Volunteers with special interests are welcome to lead efforts in one of the main camp components, i.e. educational activities, journal writing, or meal preparation.

-Volunteers must attend orientation and other preparation meetings as needed.

-They must also consent to a criminal background check.

An even balance of female and male volunteers is sought. All travel, lodging, admission and meal costs for volunteers will be covered by Camp Dos Cabezas.

Following the camp, volunteers are encouraged to assist in monthly workshops and field trips that are offered to the children throughout the school year.

If you are interested to volunteer during the school year, we can provide information about other camp volunteer opportunities with the Continuing Education Program, which offers field trips and workshops. Opportunities to mentor the children in their studies are also available.

Camp Dos Cabezas

Several camp publications that may be useful are on line as PDFs.

Camp Slide Show 1, Slide Show 2, Slide Show 3

Promo Card Side 1 (161k)

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Program Description (PDF 120k)

Volunteer Description (PDF 112k)

Sponsorship Booklet (PDF 2mb)

Student Blog (website)

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