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Day Hikes in the Chiricahua National Monument (NOTE: Distances are start to finish, whether round trip or point to point)
Day Use Trail Length Difficulty Quality Access or Trailhead Description (See park rangers before setting out)
Heart of Rocks 7.2 miles Strenuous Excellent Massai Point A spectacular hike through rock spires. Rugged, but final mile to Visitor Center is easy.
Inspiration Point 1 mile Easy Excellent Heart of Rocks Trail An easy one mile side trip on of the Heart of Rocks trail offering great vistas.
Echo Canyon Loop 3.5 miles Moderate Excellent Massai Point Hailstone segment named for volcanic rocks that rained down millions of years ago.
Sugarloaf Mountain 1.8 miles Fair Very Good Sugarloaf Parking Lot Less than one mile up this winding trail leads to a spectacular panaramic view of the park.
Rhyolite Canyon 3 miles Moderate Very Good Visitor Center A leisurely 1.5 miles up the canyon and back through wooded lower park elevations.
Natural Bridge 4.8 miles Moderate Very Good Parking on Scenic Drive Begins with steep upward trail and crosses interesting exposed rock. Hot in summer.
Cochise Head 4? miles Moderate Good Gated Road Hike leaves the park via mining road. Cochise Head appears less interesting close up.
Silver Spur Meadow 2.5 miles Easy Excellent Visitor Center or Camp Level hike through forests and meadows. Wildlife can be seen at the creek near dawn and dusk.
Faraway Ranch 2.8 miles Easy Excellent Campground Very worthwhile to take the guided tour of the historoic ranch. Ask rangers for information.
Bonita Creek Loop 1 mile Easy Good Faraway Ranch Parking A nature trail where deer and other wildlife can be seen near dawn and dusk.

Average Temperatures and Precipitation
Month Average Extreme Precip. Days with Precip.
January 32 - 66 14 - 89 0.8" 4 (4" max. snowfall)
February 40 - 70 18 - 95 0.6" 4 (4" max. snowfall)
March 43 - 74 20 - 98 0.7" 4 (6" max. snowfall)
April 49 - 82 27 - 103 0.2" 2 (2" max. snowfall)
May 56 - 90 38 - 110 0.1" 1
June 65 - 99 46 - 115 0.1" 2
July 73 - 101 52 - 116 1.9" 11 (Avg. 20 t-storms)
August 72 - 98 50 - 114 1.9" 9 (Avg. 17 t-storms)
September 67 - 96 44 - 113 1.2" 5 (Avg. 7 t-storms)
October 56 - 86 26 - 105 0.8" 3
November 45 - 74 24 - 93 0.6" 3 (6" max. snowfall)
December 35 - 67 10 - 88 1.0" 4 (7" max. snowfall)
Hiking the Chiricahuas:

The Coronado National Forest in Cochise County offers an array of great hiking opportunities. The Chiricahua National Monument features some of the best day hikes in Arizona, including the Heart of Rocks and Echo Park.

The best months for hiking the Chiricahua National Monument are October through May. While snows are expected in the winter months, trails are accessible most days. The Echo Canyon Loop via the Hailstone Trail is easily navigated in light snow. Thunderstorms with lightning can occur in the summer months.

Trails in the Chiricahua Wilderness, primarily South of the Monument, can range from extensive day hikes to lengthy backpacking opportunities. Altitudes at Chiricahua Peak and Fly's Peak reach nearly 10.000 feet, where temperatures are usually cooler than in the monument.

The Dragoon Mountains, West of the Chiricahuas across the Sulphur Springs Valley, offer short day hikes and the chance to make your own route up the rocky slopes of the Cochise Stronghold.

SOURCE: Weather table for the Chiricahua National Monument from the National Park Service.

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