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Safe Navigational Notes Use 3 x 5 Notecards
Write clear directions, including highway numbers, street names and exits, on note cards to refer to while driving to your destination. Looking at large maps while steering your car is dangerous. The note cards can be held with your hand on the steering wheel, or preferably, in a passengers hand. Make the notes for the next destination while looking at the map in your hotel room.

See the example at right.

Don't Linger, Plan Ahead
Know the route to your destination before you get in your car. Make notes in your hotel room or while in a restaurant. Never pull over in an unfamiliar setting to look at the map. If necessary, drive to an open business and take the map inside.

Statistics show that tourists are rarely robbed, but when they are, the robbers are able to easily identify them as tourists. Looking at your map in desolate places marks you as a lost tourist. With the lights on inside the car, you restrict your view outside the car in low light or darkness.

Print this important information and keep it in your car:
Emergency Road Service in Texas
Road Conditions and Travel Warnings

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