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Packing List

Pre-Trip Arrangements
Check the Weather at Your Destination
This is among the best features of the internet.
Here is a handy Metric Conversion page.
Have Someone Take Care of Pets and Plants
Have Someone Get Newspaper and Mail
Set Temperature in Home or Apartment Before Leaving
Mail Bills
TIP: Complete all tasks several days prior to travel so you will start out rested and safe. If driving, get a good night of sleep and start out in the early
morning. Have a reasonable destination and a reservation for the first night.

Pack Main Bag, Backpack or Suitcase
Appropriate Clothes (see 1 below )
T-Shirts and Shorts
Socks and Underwear
Sock Liners to Prevent Blistering
Thermal Underwear
Sweatshirt and Pants
Parka or Raincoat
Other Rain Gear Needed (see 1 below )
Plastic Bag for Laundry
TIP: Pack everything in advance and make a simple note with a few last minute items you will need to do before leaving. Example: Reset Thermostat; Pack Medicine; Bring Glasses.

Pack Personal Items
Travel Alarm Clock
Glasses with Case
Contacts with Case
Saline Solution or Disinfectant
Lens Rewetting Drops (see 2 below)
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Biodegradable Soap and Shampoo (see 3 below)
All Medications in Original Prescription Containers
Prescriptions Which May Need to be Renewed
Cold Medicine Capsules
Pepto Tablets
Bandages in Several Sizes
Sunscreen and Moisturizer
Comb or Brush
Pack Personal Items in Zip Lock Bags (see 4 below).
Pack Only Travel Size Items.

Pack Identification, Money and Records
Drivers License
Passport or Birth Certificate
Credit Cards
Money or Traveler Checks
Phone Card and Important Numbers
Gas Cards
Confirmation Numbers
AAA Card
Cellular Phone
Friends' Addresses
Postcard Stamps
Please do not use cell phones while driving.

Pack Camera and Equipment
Camera Bag or Back Pack
Camera and Lenses
Flash and Sync Cord (see 5 below)
Extra Batteries
4x5 Gray Card
Reflector (White/Gold)
Lens Cleaning Tissue
Cable Release
Personal Size Cooler to Keep Film Cool (see 6 below)
Large Zip Lock Bags to Keep Film Separated (see 6 below)

Pack Additional Items as Necessary
Water Bottles or Canteen
Water Filter (see 7 below)
Small First Aid Pouch That Has Been Updated
Sleeping Bag with Proper Rating (see 1 below )
Camp Pillow
Pad (If Desired)
Appropriate Tent and Tarp
Necessary Cookware
Food for the Trail
Guide Book and Maps
GPS Receiver
Day Pack or Back Pack
Aqua Socks
Extra Shoes
Golf Towel or Hand Towel
Cap or Hat
Sport Sunscreen
Utility Knife (see 8 below)
Small Flashlight or 2 AA Maglight
Insect Repellent

  1. Check the weather and bring clothes appropriate for your planned activities. If you are a beginner, or if your activities will be more extreme than ordinary day hiking, check with professionals at a qualified outfitter to ensure your comfort and safety.
  2. Contact lens rewetting drops are very helpful if you go to a hot, dry environment.
  3. Use biodegradable soap, especially when backpacking.
  4. Keep liquid items in zip lock bags so they will not leak on clothes if the pressure changes.
  5. Consider bringing a small aluminum stand and Photoflex Multiclamp (plastic elbow and threaded flash shoe adapter) if photographing close-up, nature, interiors or portraits.
  6. Plan to keep film cool and dry in summer heat. If film will be left in your car while you are away hiking, the heat can cause color shift, graininess and effects similar to over-exposure to light.
  7. A water filter is the most important item to bring for backpacking. Get a good filter (one that experienced hikers recommend). TIP: Bring coffee filters to tie around the intake of the water filter to prevent sediment from clogging it.
  8. Consider adding a whistle (particularly if hiking with a big group), a safety pin and plastic twist ties to your utility knife or on compass string.

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