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Photography Tips

Camera and Equipment

Camera Bag or Back Pack
For day hikes, I use a Lowepro Orion Trekker. It features a camera bag lower compartment and a day pack upper compartment. It is fairly small, which keeps me from carrying too much weight. The one I use is not the All Weather version, but I carry a parka that covers it in case I get caught in a rain shower.
Camera and Lenses
For photographing close-up (1:1), I like the Canon EF 100mm, f2.8 macro lens. Most camera systems offer extension tubes for the lenses, which will enable you to use your existing lenses to focus closer. This can save you a great deal of money and give you the flexibility to use wider or narrower angles as you choose.
Flash and Sync Cord
Consider bringing a small aluminum stand and Photoflex Multiclamp (plastic elbow and threaded flash shoe adapter) if photographing close-up, nature, interiors or portraits. With this simple setup, you can place your flash in many positions off camera.
A light tripod is helpful. I use a Gitzo 101 Sport Tripod because it is sturdy and light. It fits in my duffle bag when flying and it can be used on short day hikes. I attach a Manfrotto/Bogen 3232 tilt head. It has only one directional movement, but I make do. A ball head would be more versitile.
Plan to keep film cool and dry in summer heat. Use a personal size cooler to keep film insulated. Use ice in zip lock bags if you will be away from the car. If doing this, film should be in double zip lock bags and should be elevated or kept in a tray above the ice (which will quickly become water).
Extra Batteries
Carrying extra batteries is important, not only for your camera, but for your flashlight and travel clock if you are on a schedule. In cold weather, keep batteries with you night and day so they will stay warm and active.
I use very few, but carry them anyway: polarizer, 81A, 81B, a red or orange filter if I have black and white film. I use neutral density filters to slow my shutter speed (or open the aperture) for some scenes I want to photograph in bright light.
4x5 Gray Card
Reflector (White/Gold)
Photoflex and Westcott make small reflectors that can fit nealy anywhere.
Lens Cleaning Tissue
Cable Release
Personal Size Cooler to Keep Film Cool
See Film above.
Large Zip Lock Bags to Keep Film Separated
See Film above.
Contact Lens Rewetting Drops
Very helpful if you wear contact lenses and go to a hot, dry environment to photograph.

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