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Bob Wills"Somewhere between Enid, Oklahoma and Brownsville, Texas stands a schoolhouse that covers as much land as the state of Kentucky. That's where Bob Wills went to school as a child. I've never seen this gigantic building, but in the last twenty years I've met thousands of southwesterners whose first remark to me was, 'I went to school with ol' Bob Wills.' So the size of this educational institute couldn't possibly be smaller than the aforementioned commonwealth." --Merle Travis (from the album cover, "Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan - A Living Legend")

Bob Wills is probably the most recognized name in the history of Texas music. He is ingrained in the experience of the people of this region. However, a better starting point to understand the recent cultural history of Texas and the surrounding states is the prolific songwriter from Oklahoma, Woody Guthrie, who recorded the events and times of the region. There are many compilations of his songs, but the recordings which concentrate on a main theme are most useful and enjoyable:
  1. Library of Congress Recordings (3 CD set), Rounder
  2. Dust Bowl Ballads, Smithsonian Folkways
  3. Struggle, Smithsonian Folkways
  4. Columbia River Collection, Smithsonian Folkways
  5. Sacco and Vanzetti, Smithsonian Folkways
From there, explore the great artists, musicians and orators of the region: Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly), Will Rogers, Sterling A. Brown, Mississippi John Hurt, Narciso Martinez, Adolph Hofner, Harry Choates, Lydia Mendoza, King Oliver, Scott Joplin, Ray Baca, Lightnin' Hopkins, Lawrence Walker, Juan Lopez; The list is endless.

For Cajun Music...
Be sure to listen to P.T.'s Cajun Bandstand on Saturday mornings 6 - 9 am on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston. You can hear Cajun music on KJEF (1290 AM and 92.9 FM) in Jennings, Louisiana on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Here are several other radio stations in southwest Louisiana that broadcast Cajun music programs: KBON, 101.1 FM in Eunice; KEUN/KJJB, 1490 AM & 105.5 FM in Eunice; KROF, 960 AM in Abbeville; and, KVPI, 1050 AM & 92.5 FM in Ville Platte.

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