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From city-wide events at Houston's largest public venues, to film festivals and conferences that explore important issues, Houston Institute for Culture provides tremendous benefit to the city. Our programs encourage enjoyment and education from the best of our diverse cultures, while promoting awareness and resolution of cultural and social issues. Our goal is to achieve a high level of cultural literacy and sense of responsibility in our communities.

For underserved and marginalized communities, with emphasis on youth, we offer innovative approaches to social change through activities, such as a life-changing camp experience, and media and civics programs in area schools. The much-needed programs promote opportunity, sense of purpose, community advocacy, and scholarship. Other innovative programs promote media literacy and access for underrepresented populations.

Houston Institute for Culture provides arts and culture-based human services, such as critical education programs and meaningful social networks that link individuals to the broader Houston community and outside world for their capacity to improve community health and their cultural exchange value.

There are many ways to support our further accomplishments in Houston. Individual donors may help us provide internships for college students to work with youth in area schools and scholarships for at-risk students to attend camp. Businesses may find their best value in helping us promote city-wide events and topical programs that improve quality of life in Houston. Our long-term goals will provide unequalled benefits to the city and change Houston's role in the world.

Learn more about our long-term Vision for Houston.

Contact us for more information about the programs we offer - the best sponsorship opportunities, a program history, and a summary of the attendance or outcomes of the programs.

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