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Building Houston's most worthy and exciting future
Houston Institute for Culture is embarking on the greatest adventure in the upcoming decade. We want you to come along.

We are building the group of founders of the Houston Museum of Culture from across Houston's diverse communities. The museum will be the most important informative and entertaining attraction in Houston. It will provide visitors with quality content and impactful programs on par with major cultural institutions like the Smithsonian, the Museum of New Mexico, and Singapore's Museum of Asian Civilizations.

As a city, we have long forgotten to tell the world about Houston as one of the most unique places on Earth - a place where people from all over the world come together. The potential for this museum in Houston is enormous, including such vital topics as: modern interaction of people of diverse backgrounds, religions and languages; exploration of major ways-of-life impacts and the past, present and future of energy and transportation; and, the more ethereal issues of modern life, like the economy and the environment. Tourists and even Houstonians who haven't developed a full appreciation for the diversity of the city will explore regional food traditions, the confluence of many music styles, and distinctive cultural arts inspired by the city's relative modernism. The possibilities and benefits to the city and region are endless.

Developing Effective Youth Programs

By examining the larger social, cultural and economic impacts on youth, we are getting away from the easy critiques that kids can't learn or teachers can't teach. We are developing innovative education programs to address the needs of growing numbers of at-risk and marginalized youth. Our youth programs focus on civic engagement, media literacy and life skills. They empower youth to pursue education and change their communities. The benefits of reduced dropout rates, increased academic interests and community responsibility are not only for individuals, but for the greater good of the entire city.

Our youth camp programs, including Camp Dos Cabezas and Camp Chaco, provide children from at-risk communities with the experience of a lifetime to help them achieve success in their lives. The programs promote broad interests, lifelong learning and prepare students to apply for scholarships to attend college. A major goal is to establish a permanent camp in the Four Corners region to increase the numbers of participants through involvement of more educational and non-profit organizations. An education center will promote cross-cultural experience and cultural exchange with youth from different parts of the country. And there will be opportunities for collaboration with academic departments from local universities, working in areas such as geosciences and climate change.

There are many more exciting projects on the horizon, including visionary arts events and festivals, public history projects, and conferences to explore imperative issues in our lifeways and social networks.

Please provide contact information and areas of interest at this link to help build these provident institutions that will be critical to Houston's future.


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