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There are almost as many ways to support the Houston Institute for Culture as there are reasons.
- cultural understanding for a safer world
- cultural interests for better quality of life
- camp and education programs for at-risk kids
- resources for artists and organizations
- advocacy and help for communities in need
- resources for students and educators
- consumer education to strengthen communities
- community and academic connections
- adventures to inspire lifelong learning
- digital archives for research and leisure

Volunteer Your Time - Nearly all of our programs and educational resources are made possible with tremendous volunteer support. Please invest your time in this great effort and help us grow to serve more Houstonians and people who use our resources around the world.

Advocate for Us - Help us grow by experiencing our programs and supporting our goals, and by spreading the word about our good work. Having a large network of supporters is critical as we build on our successes and provide greater value to our city and region.

Donate to Great Programs - Your financial support is necessary for the growth of our valuable programs and services. Philanthropists will be proud to be associated with our existing programs and even more excited about our bold initiatives, which will change the way people think about Houston and the region. LEARN MORE

Provide Scholarships - For less than the cost of most family vacations, underprivileged students, future teachers, and even the scholarship provider can go on the adventure of a lifetime with your support. Scholarships to Camp Dos Cabezas will help children achieve success in their lives. Scholarships also support an ongoing education program for these at-risk children. LEARN MORE

Provide In-kind Support - We have accomplished great things with a foundation of in-kind support and investment of our own human energy. Our programs can benefit in one way or another from the services and products of many area businesses, making it possible for us to hold public forums on community issues, present educational programs, and much more.

Use the Kroger Share Card - A little support can go a long way, particularly as we make it possible for children to go to camp by providing equipment that their parents may not have, and as we keep the costs of educational events affordable for students and many community members who may not be able to pay today's admission prices.

To learn more about our current and future activities, please see our Report to Friends and Volunteers.

Thank you for your support,

Founder, Houston Institute for Culture

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The Houston Institute for Culture is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

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