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Canyon Journal
The Canyon Journal chronicles our adventures in Mexico's magnificent Barranca del Cobre and the rapid changes that have affected the local environment, economy and the Tarahumara people.

Canyon Journal 1
    A Land of Extremes
Our first journey to Copper Canyon brought us into a world of cultural and climatic extremes, where people struggled to survive in places left vacant on the map.

Canyon Journal 2
    The First Crossing
High on the ridge between two great canyons, I looked up at a heavily-armed Tarahumara Indian and thought of those ominous words, "This is a good day to die."

Canyon Journal 3
    Into the Fire
As we descended into the Barranca de Urique, fire climbed the canyon walls, but no one on the bus seemed concerned.

Canyon Journal 4
    A Wrong Turn
We arrived at a point in the deepest part of the canyon, where we could not see a way out. In our exhausted and dehydrated state, the path that brought us here was no longer a viable option.

Canyon Journal 5
    The Real Danger
Twenty-four of us completely infested and overran a small Mexican village. I felt ashamed and worried for the future of this desolate land.

Canyon Journal 6
    An Outsider's View
Vamos por el camino bueno. From the moment we arrived in Copper Canyon, we were in a hurry to leave.

Historic Journal
    An Excerpt
From "Unknown Mexico: Explorations in the Sierra Madre and Other Regions, 1890 - 1898", by Carl Lumholtz.

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