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Yankees and Snowbirds

"Yankees" isn't a term made up by Texans in the 1970s when Northerners flocked to cities like Houston to find work in the prosperous petroleum-based economy. People have been calling each other Yankees for centuries.

The Dutch East India Company established a settlement on Manhattan about 1626. The Dutch soon opened the territory of New Amsterdam to diverse settlement to promote commerce. After the British took control of New Amsterdam in 1664, renaming it New York, they rudely called Dutch settlers that remained "John Cheese". The Dutch returned the favor, calling Englishmen "Yan Kees", or "John Cheese" in their language.

"Snowbirds" is the term Texans use to describe Northerners that fly south for the winter. The migrant vacationers and winter refugees are so important to local economies on the Gulf Coast that some towns like Harlingen and Brownsville hold festivals for them.

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