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Six Flags Over Texas

At the conclusion of the Civil War, the flags of six nations had flown over Texas -- Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States of America and the Confederate States of America.

Spain's ability to maintain the frontier in Texas was tenuous, and France did little more than land the adventurous Robert Cavalier Sieur de la Salle at Matagorda Bay in 1685, where he raised the French flag over Fort St Louis and forayed inland briefly. Mexico took possession in 1810 after expelling the Spanish and ruled until 1836 when Anglo immigrants seized control, establishing the Republic of Texas. Nine years later the United States would grant Texas statehood, though many disapproved as southern states sought to increase their influence on the issue of slavery. Most Texans sided with the Confederacy from 1861-65, but not all were in favor of the war as Texas was a culturally diverse state with increasing immigration from eastern European nations.

Along the way there had been several other insurgent republics. The Republic of the Rio Grande hoisted its banner in Laredo in 1840 as it declared several states of northern Mexico and part of south Texas to be independent. Sam Houston did little to stop the upstarts as Mexico quickly crushed the rebellion.

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