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Child of Industry
An Interview with Adam Sherburne

The mid-1980s were straight and narrow for most of America's young Reaganomic products, but for Adam Sherburne, times were pretty weird. He makes little reference to those days "...growing up in Texas... football... going to see the Dicks and the Big Boys...." But, in his baggage, Sherburne carries some bitter memories and firm beliefs.

On Friday nights he could be found with The Usuals in a local pub, leaping out of a pool of his own sweat. The band's perpetual tour of Houston's inner-city pimp and prostitute haven was like a wonderland dream, but there was no musical future in Montrose.

The trio packed off to San Francisco, where in 1986, Sherburne took up touring disco clubs with Until December.

In 1989 Sherburne released his first record with the highly issue-driven, industrial rap act Consolidated. He picked up his guitar again and regained his role as an innovator in music. It was a role he was born to play in the musical playground many of us grew up in. Still, his goal was to subvert the music industry. Sherburne answered questions about Play More Music and the state of Consolidated.


Submitted for Your Consideration

"...those who brought European and Western ideals have been wrong throughout history..."


Adam Sherburne at the Ale House
Adam Sherburne at Houston's Ale House. Click the photo for another view.

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