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Antique Dr Pepper Sign

At 10, 2 and 4

Dr Pepper is a Texas original. The soft drink was invented in a Waco Drug Store and Fountain in 1885, one year before Coca-Cola.

Dr Pepper caught on quickly in Waco, where it was first requested in stores by the name of the town. The origin of it's name "Dr Pepper" is not clear. There are several colorful anecdotes on the subject.

The drink was introduced to the world at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, along with the hamburger and ice cream cone.

Dr pepper was said to offer an energy boost when consumed at the appropriate times of the day, 10, 2 and 4.

The tasty cherry and amaretto mix is still made with Texas pure cane sugar, as the original recipe called for, at the Dr Pepper bottler in Dublin, Texas. People come from outside the state to stock up on the original Texas original.

The first site to bottle the soft drink, the Dr Pepper Bottling Plant in Dublin is open for tours and has an old-time soda fountain and museum. The historic building in the center of town is at 103 E. Elm.

And, be sure to visit the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco.

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