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Survey of Leisure Interests

The survey of leisure interests was conducted in October 2002 to compare the ways in which participants use their discretionary time. We further examined national studies and statistics of television viewership, computer use, music listenership, etc. to determine the social and educational value of each activity, as well as how actively participants pursue those social and educational benefits.

At the top, television is a passive activity. Ratings indicate that viewers support educational programming least and entertainment programming most. At the bottom, survey participants dedicate the least time to activities that are most education, usually social and require active pursuit of the interests.

2002 Leisure Activity Survey Results
Ranking by Average Time Invested
Ranking by Average Time Invested and Type of Activity
Ranking of Participants Who Indicated 0 Hours Per Activity

Leisure Activity (Ranked by Time Invested Per Week) Average Hours Type of Activity
Television - Not Including Sports 10.67 hours
passive, usually nonsocial, minimal educational value
Spectator Sports - Not Involving Participation 6.62 hours
Reading - Books, Magazines, Not Academic Related 3.52 hours
passive/active, nonsocial, highly educational
Creative Writing - Journals, Letters, Poetry 2.47 hours
Exhibits - Art Galleries, Museums 1.07 hours
active, social, highly educational
Cultural Performances - Dance, Theater, Topical Lectures 0.77 hours