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"Through our scientific genius, we made of the world a neighborhood, and now through our moral and ethical commitment, we must make of it a brotherhood. We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools."

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Conference on Globalization

"Winners and Losers: The Impact of Globalization"
A conference on global justice with keynote speaker Kevin Danaher, author and co-founder of Global Exchange, and John Hart, an expert on Mexico's social and economic history. (Hart will be speaking about the U.S.-Mexico relationship as the laboratory of globalization strategies.)

There will be a series of workshops on globalization issues, including militarization, immigration, international debt, localism, jobs, water privatization, environment, and corporate responsibility.

Saturday, April 24, 2004, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church, 5200 Fannin St., Houston, Texas

Registration is $20 (includes lunch); $10 for students and anyone who requests a reduced fee. Advanced registration is preferred. Call (713) 522-9850.

About the Conference...
The Houston Peace and Justice Center will present "Winners and Losers: The Impact of Globalization," a conference on global justice, Saturday, April 24.

Kevin Danaher, co-founder and Director of Public Affairs of Global Exchange, will offer the keynote address. Danaher has authored eleven books on global economics. Among them are "Insurrection: Citizen Challenges to Corporate Power" (with Jason Mark); "Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama: Globalization and the Downsizing of the American Dream." Much in demand as a lecturer, Danaher edited the 1994 book that introduced many educators and activists to modern globalization issues, "Fifty Years is Enough: The Case Against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund."

Kevin Danaher has published in "The Los Angeles Times," "San Francisco Chronicle," "The International Herald Tribune," "The Financial Times of Zimbabwe," "TransAfrica Forum," "Harvard Educational Review," "The Progressive," and many more.

John Hart, professor of history at the University of Houston, will offer a luncheon address on Mexico as the historical laboratory of U.S. global economic strategies. The Director of Historical Studies at Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History stated, "John M. Hart understands like few others the social processes of modern Mexican history."

During the conference, Houston Institute for Culture will offer a workshop on Local Economies and Local Cultures, which will present the "Case for Localism in Media, Business, Culture and Economy." The workshop will offer a historical and cultural perspective on globalization to help participants understand how the base of local ownership impacts independence and self-determination in the community. Participants will consider the positive impact of support for local business: support for neighborhoods and the city; better quality of life for families; wider base of ownership in the community; diversity of interests and cultures; and, as counter balance to the worldwide spread of limited ownership and homogenization of cultures/narrowing of interests.

The conference will bring together many Texas organizations, including Houston Institute for Culture, Texas Fair Trade Coalition, and Women Against Global Trafficking, to offer three rounds of workshops on critical topics, such as militarization, immigration, international debt, localism, jobs, water privatization, environment, and corporate responsibility.

Presenters will include: George Reiter, UH Department of Physics; Janice Harper, UH Department of Anthropology; Jennifer Katial, YMCA International Services; and, Joan Denkler, Globalization Forum. Herb Rothschild, Maria Jimenez, Jame Pyland, Victoria Masih, Lilian Care, Fr. Jerry Kelly, and Mark Lacy will facilitate additional workshops and discussion groups.

The conference will conclude with a plenary session, with strategic planning for future educational activities concerning economic globalization and justice issues.

Two powerful films, "The New Rulers of the World" and "Thirst," will be presented in conjunction with the conference, "Winners and Losers: The Impact of Globalization." The films, which explore important global issues, exploitation of labor and water privatization, are presented free, Wednesday, April 21, 2004, 7:30pm, at Rice University's Rice Media Center (University Blvd. Entrance 8). Learn More

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