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Rose Mary Salum    [Availability]
Publisher, Author, Journalist
Author, Entre los Espacios

Rose Mary Salum (Mexico) is the founder and director of the award winning bilingual magazine Literal, Latin American Voices.

She is the author of Spaces in Between (Copper Hands, 2006) a book of short stories and co-author of Vitrales (1994), also a fiction book. She has presented scholarly papers at international and national conferences in Puerto Rico, Mexico and the US. Her poems and short stories are included in some anthologies of the United States, Argentina, Mexico, India, Australia and Spain. She has published fiction and essays in many periodicals. She has received many international awards for her literary and editorial work:
Runner Up for the Short Story Torremozas Award (Spain 2007)
CELJ (US 2006)
Lone Star Award (2006)
CELJ (US 2005)
2 Lone Star Awards (2005)
Runner Up for the Poetry Terra Austral Award (Australia 2005)
Runner Up for The Hispanic Excellence Award (US 2003)
Recognition by The Congress of The United States (US 2003)

An MLA graduate of the University of St. Thomas, Salum teaches bilingual journalism in this same university. She serves on the board of Houston Institute for Culture and is a member of The Marketing Committee of the University of St. Thomas


SubjectsLatin Arts and Culture; Social Issues
PresentationReading, Lecture or Formatted Discussion
Note: The author is fluent in Spanish and her writing is in Spanish.
AvailabilityMedia Interviews and Speaking Engagements
Dates AvailableYear round
Contact InfoContact Houston Institute for Culture at 713-521-3686, or by email at Please include specific information about your request.

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